Development and production of electronics

-- Since 1977

Development of industrial control systems; hardware, software and embedded systems. We also care for the assembly of printed circuit boards both through hole and surface mounted (SMA, SMD). Our systems enable the intelligence of your product. We at CDS electronics consider that a great privilege and a great responsibility meaning that we can only exist when our products and services are of the highest quality. And we make sure of that. We are proud to have very long lasting relationships with both our customers as with our suppliers, in some cases well over 20 years.
At CDS electronics we approach new client relationships with great care We are more interested in researching the possibility of establishing a long-term partnership that is mutually beneficial, than in accepting piecemeal assignments. Together with our partner companies HEAD Electronics, Muco technologies and Azteco Electronics we offer redundant production spread over 4 locations with a total crew of 170 skilled employees of which 35 developer engineers. In this combination we offer high quality and maximum reliability.
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Bundling competences in the field of both development and production of electronics makes CDS and HEAD better suppliers of electronics...
Quality in Electronics


Quality is an absolute necessity. It may have been considered a unique selling point in the past, but is a prerequisite today...
electronics production


CDS electronics is specialized in serial production. From several hunderds to tens of thousands is the range of numbers that we are good at.
electronics development


Sometimes production is restricted to the print-design and the system-software. In other cases the whole system is developed on the bases of functional specs...

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